Hammer and Gavel
Yesterday the EEOC opened a web portal for collection of employee pay data from employers responsible for providing pay data based on a recent ruling. HR Professionals have been monitoring this issue, wondering if, and when the final rules would require action – and how long we would have to
Woman relaxing in pool
Across Oklahoma, school is out in the next few weeks and employees are facing the reality of summer childcare needs, transportation difficulties associated with their children’s summer activities, and their desire to just hang out and enjoy time with the kiddos while they are on summer break.  Is your workplace
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Unemployment claim
A client emailed me this late last week with a lot of exclamation points in the message – the good kind!  It’s nice to win, and fun to share when things work out in a client’s favor. Perhaps the most common frustration I hear from prospects and clients is how
Poison symbol
Recently, I read a SHRM article about dealing with toxic employees when they are loved by managers and it resonated with me. The article was solidly written, focusing on “how to” by setting expectations and addressing specific examples of toxicity as they occur, then documenting it all to protect the
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Throughout my career, I have often said “You can’t make this stuff up” as I respond to the unusual and sometimes truly bizarre events in the workplace.  Whether an unforgettable interview, an odd phone call or visit, or even a hotline call that must be reviewed and handled with discretion,
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