Mitigating your exposure to employment claims and employer liabilities is our strong suit. Our skilled consultants will guide you through this difficult process and help navigate the ever-increasing complexities of HR compliance.

When addressing competitive recruiting or retention concerns, FocusHR™ can assist you with solutions. If you’re just starting out or are in the process of growing your business – our firm can set up a compliant and functional HR process for your organization.

We create employee handbooks, deliver training, and administer any HR needs necessary for compliance or operations. In short, you can outsource the hard parts of HR compliance to FocusHR™ and mitigate your liabilities while effectively managing your human resource department.


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Strategic Planning

Formalizing how you hire, communicate with employees, and maintain compliance is often overlooked. Whether hiring HR staff or simply creating consistent HR processes for your company to follow, FocusHR™ knows what it takes to build a solid HR foundation.

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Strategic Partnerships

Choosing the right partnerships for employee selection, temporary staffing, drug and background screening, and more is time consuming and requires a level of expertise. Contact FocusHR™ to see how we can save you both time and money.

Staffing Plans

Having the skills you need, when you need them, is critical to achieving your business goals. Identifying necessary skills, creating job descriptions, and monitoring benchmarks are just a few ways that FocusHR™ can help you implement a custom staffing plan for your organization.


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Mitigate your HR compliance risk:

Our team of professionals at FocusHR™ will identify and mitigate your HR compliance risk by implementing Human Resources best practices for your business.

Workplace Safety and OSHA Compliance:

OSHA and FMCSA regulations are challenging and change often. Just navigating the paperwork can be a daunting task for most organizations. We pride ourselves in being your workplace compliance specialists by staying abreast of federal and state compliance requirements.

SOX and ISO Compliance:

SOX and ISO compliance are important to your business. Let FocusHR™ help you establish the programs and metrics to satisfy the employee related requirements.


Employee Hotline

Large companies may have a team of HR professionals to respond when a confidential or anonymous report is made; but who responds when there isn’t a trained HR person on staff? Call to see how Focus HR, LLC can help with your hotline setup and response.


Fear of litigation and retaliation claims can paralyze your managers. Protect your company and empower your supervisory staff with sound advice and solutions from FocusHR™, LLC.