Recent media attention has created significant awareness of sexual harassment prevention and response across every industry. Effective programs to prevent harassment include policies, as well as clear communication and training. To read more about sexual harrassment training and prevention, click here.

Developing policy and delivering training takes an experienced team. Our training specialists are equipped to deliver training across a variety of other topics including:

  • Supervisor/Manager training
  • Successful Interviewing
  • HIPAA, FMLA, or other compliance topics
  • OSHA training
  • and more
Business meeting training session

Our Safety Consultants can also help with workplace safety training as well as workers comp. Read more about it here.

Supervisor Training

Industrial workers talking

The best employees are often promoted to supervisory and management roles – but how do you ensure they are ready and able to be good managers?

The workplace has become complicated and special manager training is necessary for these new managers to navigate the HR issues we face today. We can help you develop comprehensive training for these new managers so they are aware of the modern workplace issues.

The last thing they need in their career is to make an avoidable mistake that affects your company as well as their future.